VMware Virtualization with VMware vSphere

opportunity-knockingIt's like an Opportunity Knocking for most Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) clients. The advantages of private cloud computing with VMware vSphere are no secret:

  • Save money
  • Improve management,
  • Implement disaster recovery
  • Reduce TCO

The problem most SMBs face with Virtualization is in knowledge and staffing. VMware often goes out of its way to obfuscate even the most basic elements of virtualization with VMware vSphere, making it difficult for SMB’s to make the initial budgetary or purchasing decisions.

Questions about the basic aspects of VMware vSphere often seem like insurmountable obstacles in the path to virtualization. Questions like:

  • Which vSphere Edition do I/we need?
  • How many license(s) will we require?
  • How many servers can we virtualize?
  • What type of storage will we need?
  • Which server(s) are suitable for virtualization?
  • How do we leverage VMware vSphere to create a workable Disaster Recovery plan?
  • Can virtual desktop technology benefit my company?
  • Do we actually need all of the features certain VMware products?

In seeking straight answers to common questions, let’s face it; Dell, HP, IBM and even VMware are not your friends! You wouldn't go to a car dealer with a budget in mind and ask “what kind of a car do I need?” So why should you approach a vendor, and expect them to design a virtualization solution which is optimal for your environment?

While vendor-designed solutions usually satisfy the basic requirements you set forth, the goal of the vendor is to make the sale, not look out for your best interests. Put quite simply, vendors want to sell you whatever hardware generates the highest profit and as many licenses as they can get away with.

Contact VMsources today and let’s talk about your virtualization needs. Let us help you start realizing the advantages of virtualization today, with an agile and affordable VMware vSphere solution designed with only your needs in mind!