VMware Maintenance and Upgrades Done Right!

VMsources team of VCP certified consultants is available to assist you with all of your VMware vSphere Patching Upgrade and Maintenance needs.

Many VMware vSphere environments suffer from lack of regular maintenance, because vSphere is isolated from the Internet, and it is impossible to use online patching tools. VMsources downloads and tests all VMware patches, updates and upgrades in-house, then scans and tests them for a minimum of 30 days before qualifying them for use or installing them on customer systems. VMsources consultants can come to your datacenter and apply qualified patches/updates and upgrades to your VMware vSphere environment. This process involves uploading patches to the scratch partition with SCP and then applying them at the command line.

For VMware maintenance and upgrades on clusters from 3 to 32 ESXi Hosts and for in-place upgrades to vSphere 6 or upgrade/migration to vSphere 6 with the vCenter Server Appliance, we can usually complete all work on-site in less than 8 hours.

We document all of our work and, when we are finished, we provide you a complete configuration document (multi-worksheet Excel Workbook) plus configuration backups of each of your ESXi Hosts.

In less than 8 hours of on-site work, our consultants can upgrade your clusters to VMware vSphere 6 without any downtime or loss of productivity! Furthermore, we can assist your company in migrating to the new VMware vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) during the upgrade, at no additional cost! Not only does choosing the VCSA have no additional cost with VMsources Upgrades, it will save you in both Windows Server and SQL/Oracle database licensing costs, possibly enough to pay for the upgrade services! Contact us today to ensure your environment is running smoothly!

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