veeam cloud connect

Fast and Secure Cloud Backup and Replication

Ensure the Availability of your mission-critical applications without the cost and complexity of building and maintaining a disaster recovery (DR) site. Veeam Cloud Connect—now with VM replication— provides fully integrated, fast and secure cloud-based DR through a service provider.

Get backups and replicas off site without the cost and complexity of building and maintaining an off-site infrastructure! Veeam Cloud Connect provides a fully integrated, fast, and secure way to backup, replicate, and restore from the cloud.

What makes this so awesome, you ask? Veeam is doing things no other backup and replication company is:

  • Built-in technology: Veeam Cloud Connect is built into Veeam’s Availability solutions for all end users at no additional charge and with no additional licensing required.
  • Single infrastructure: Avoid the need to maintain a secondary site and incur capital expenses in order to build and support additional infrastructure for off-site backup or DR.
  • Simple networking: Built-in network extension appliances to simplify networking complexity and preserve communication with and between running VMs, regardless of the physical location.
  • Pay as you go: Get backups and replicas off site with a pricing model that allows you to pay only for what you need.

Simply choose a service provider (VMsources!) and point your VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V backups or replica jobs to our cloud. Cloud-based disaster recovery and off-site backup has never been so easy!

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