Introducing the Complete VMware vSphere Cluster (CVVC™) - $65,000!

With VMware, it’s all about getting value for your investment in vSphere Licensing and Support [1]! No matter if you have an Essentials Plus or Enterprise Plus vSphere license, let VMsources maximize your value.

Whether your need is Hardware Refresh or a brand-new vSphere Environment, VMsources has some of the best prices you will find anywhere! We have specifically matched servers, SAN and network to be optimized for VMware vSphere, so you will get the best in performance, highest Virtual Machine density and best reliability!

See the pdf 1 sheet here: Complete VMware vSphere Cluster

Most Hyper-Converged solutions are marketed today as having "Lower TCO",  which usually means those solutions cost more now and in the long-run, justifying TCO is someone else's job!

The VMsources Complete VMware vSphere Cluster (CVVC™) is actually less expensive to deploy and less expensive to maintain which means you get a true reduction in TCO!

We recently worked with a product that was a prepackaged hyper-converged solution, all done up nicely and looking pretty. The cost, however, was anything but pretty. This was our inspiration. After looking at everything put into the pretty box, we realized, for $15,000 or $20,000 LESS, we could produce a hyper-converged cluster that is more powerful, more scalable, and more functional than the other guys. Our total cost to you? $65,000. $65,000 for a system that will blow anything else that is comparable out of the water, in both cost and performance!

Our 3-host cluster is designed as-is to support as many as 64 high-power server VMs and/or 128 VDI Desktops. What’s more, we can customize our 3-host cluster for up to 600 concurrent VMs and much more intense workloads with up to octadeca-core (18 core) CPUs and 1TB RAM per Host!

  • Three (3) HP DL380 G9 Servers
    • 2 deca-core (10 core) Intel E5 v4 Family CPU’s
    • 256 GB RAM per server
    • 4 1GB NICs (or 2 10Gb NICs)
    • 2 10GB NICs (or 4 1GB NICs)
    • 3-years HP next-day support
  • Cybernetics all-SSD 24TB iSAN 3000
    • 24TB Usable (15 X 2TB SSD)
    • Expandable (9 Unused expansion slots)
    • 4 10Gb NICS
    • 4 1Gb NICs
    • 3-years Cybernetics Express Depot support

It's quite simple, actually; the CVVC™ leverages non-proprietary architecture and Best-of-Breed commodity hardware to realize the best possible Hyper-Converged Cluster technology available!


[1] VMware vSphere License sold separately - call for discounted pricing!