Your First 90 Days of Disaster Recovery is FREE!
No Cost and No Obligation!

VMsources is a client-oriented Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) provider specializing in both Replication and Offsite Backup for organizations of all sizes.

VMsources provides a true Private Cloud deployment model for your DRaaS with pre-provisioned and guaranteed resources! You will know all of the following in advance:

  • Public IP addresses for DR
  • Guaranteed Compute (RAM &CPU)
  • Private, dedicated and mapped LUNs and datastores
  • Pre-configured private & secure VLANs and DMZs (as many as you require)
  • We can provide and manage L3 for DR (Firewall/NAT/Port Forwarding/VPN) on a Firewall appliance (VMware)
  • You can provide and manage your own L3 (CPE) from a vendor of your choosing.
  • Allow you direct access to your resources through vCenter /vSphere Client / vSphere Web Client
  • Allow you direct access to Veeam Backup and Replication
  • We will guarantee your monthly cost and you will pay that amount month after month!

Don't forget that the first 90 days are zero cost - zero obligation!

  • Know what your slice of the DR pie is before the disaster happens
  • First 90 days FREE
  • Access your systems directly with vCenter and Veeam